Monday, November 17, 2014

Estate people protest for their land rights at Badulla in Sri Lanka

A demonstration was conducted by PA,NAFSO together with the civil societies, NGOs collectively on Meeriyabedda landslide issue and the ignorance  at the Badulla Town, in Sri Lanka .  200 people took part in the demonstration. Here protesters demands estate workers land rights. the major demands are: 1)Provide 10 perch land for housing 02) provide 10 perch land for home gardening 03) provide 1 acre land for agriculture 04) Estate workers should be brought to the local government structure 05) Demolish the ruling system which brought by British  in the plantation sector (at this moment the plantation communities are under the  Plantation management system) 06) plantation people land rights should be ensured.07) provide adequate house (private house)

These are the main demands put forward by the people.  people specially shouted that " we don't want up stair barracks as it is earlier.