Sunday, January 25, 2009

karadiyan Aru village in batticaloa

this area people are suffering by severe constraints such as: lack of water , transportation,lack of Independence life,and unable to go out after 06.00pm due to the security reason of the governments etc.In this village, widows and disabled persons remain high due to severe constraints, many people have been disappeared, abducted and killed by unknown persons. many people have been living in the village for three decades but they don't have a land title for their land. this village people are farmers but thay don't have enough drinking water. there is only Tube well existing for their daily usage of drinking water.but this village people pay Tex for their agricultural land and residences. several times , villagers requested and put forward their needs the D.S. always says, "I will arrange" but till now , villagers don't have a enough water or even a deed/ title for their land.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Forced Eviction of Slave Island

The fundamental rights petition , A.A. Rahuman Beebee and 30 others vs the government of Sri lanka ,was filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka on the 18th of July 2008 and the petition was taken up on 18th July ,2008 itself. This case centres on the threatened forced eviction of informal settlers from Glennie passage , station passage ,at No.50 Garden and stuart street in Slave Island , Colombo-02.Sri lanka. The petitioners, some of informal settlers stated that they had been living in these houses since the 1960s paying all relevant taxes and their children were attending the near by schools. They alleged that the respondents had acted in violation of natural justice without proper hearing. The petitioners argued that their fundamental rights to equality to equal protection of the law, as is guaranteed and recognized under the constitution’s Article 12(1) were violated.