Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Land Grabbing In Anuradhapura

More than 18 families have been living at "Nawa Elakadu Para" in Anuradhapura, near the German Bridge in Anuradhapura. One villager, named Sunil, said the people have been living for more than 25 years in this area, which is comprised mostly of poor people and widows. Recently, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) gave 10 perches land and told the people to leave from the current residencies. UDA has filed a case against these people in the magistrate court in Anuradhapura. The people had to attend in November, then again on 5th December. The case is still pending so the people again have to appear on 17th December, 2008, at the magistrate court in Anuradhapura. Now the people are requesting a six month time period and some compensation to build houses. They are helpless because of these evictions. People have begun gathering 200 Rupees per family from among the affected community (each family 200/=). Some families are unable to give even a rupee so they are suffering more than others. Due to this, the Praja Abhilasha Network has become involved and is providing legal and financial support for the affected people.

by: Raajan